With years of experience in the TV direct response industry, Steve Silbiger brought all of his talents to bear starting his own company in 1997.  At Nutri/System Inc. he developed his skills to analyze marketing data.  At National Media he was a new product director, finding and developing new products for infomericals.  In his own company and free of a large, cumbersome bureacracy, he is able at Plymouth Direct to bring  products to market very quickly.  In addition by being very selective with his efforts, no product is lost in the shuffle.
Instead of creating a huge company he gathered a team of champions to execute all the functions required to quickly bring products to market..   NPI run by Bill McAlister is his Joint Venture partner that takes TV successes to retail, with over $2 billion in retail sales. "As Seen on TV" products are his specialty.  Hutton-Miller does our TV production, responsible for dozens of TV blockbusters. If the product was meant to sell on TV, they will get it done, giving our projects their highest probability of a success.  It takes a team to win in this business.
The Plymouth Direct family of TV products.