Plymouth Direct, a Philadelphia area based firm, has been serving inventors and innovators for over 10 years. Plymouth Direct specializes in finding, developing and bringing new and innovative products to market.  We start with TV where the customer decides the winners.  Our TV successes then quickly move on to intensive internet, catalog, and retail distribution, all based on all the huge TV awareness we generate.

Established in 1997 Plymouth Direct has worked on dozens of projects bringing dreams to life. We are not an agency, we use our own money to bring your product to market.  If you are an inventor we pay you a royalty. If you're a manufacturer, we will buy the product from you.  The most famous of Plymouth Direct's "as seen on TV" products include Spray PerfectBe Active Brace, Snuggle UpNerve Pain Away, Futzuki, Mighty Putty, Mighty Mendit, Mighty Fixit, Urine Gone, Gyro Bowl, Smart Mop, Stream Clean, Fast Brite, Strap Perfect, Night View NV,  and Tag Away.  Taking products and concepts from "interesting" to something that everyone is talking about is our business.

- Let us make your dream a reality, the sky is the limit! 

Today Show 12/28/13
Mighty Putty Pulled a 300,000 lb 747 Jumbo Jet in the Mohave Desert of California, Oct 18, 2013.